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Best Free Vocal Processing Plugins

These plugins are indispensable for crafting superior vocal tracks. They offer a range of functionalities from pitch correction to de-essing and doubling, all freely available and highly regarded in the music production community.

MAutoPitch: Pitch Correction

A highly efficient pitch correction tool, ideal for tuning vocals with natural-sounding results, making it a must-have for any vocal track. Download

iZotope Vocal Doubler: Doubling Effect

Enhances vocal tracks by creating a rich doubling effect, adding depth and dimension to your vocals. Download

Flux Bittersweet: Transient Designer

A powerful tool for managing the transients in vocal recordings, enhancing clarity and presence. Download

Polyverse Music Wider: Stereo Enhancer

Creates a broader stereo image without causing phase issues, making it ideal for widening vocal tracks. Download

Graillon 2 Free: Pitch Shifting and Correction

A versatile pitch shifting and correction plugin, providing both subtle adjustments and creative vocal effects. Download

TDR Nova: Dynamic Equalizer & De-Esser

An exceptional dynamic equalizer, perfect for detailed tone shaping and frequency-specific compression in vocals. Can be used for De-Essing. Download

Lala: Lala: LA-2A Compressor

The LA-2A is probably the most famous compressor for vocals. It makes them smooth and warm. Download

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