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The Best Weird Free Plugins

Embrace the unconventional and fire up your creativity! Here's a collection of free plugins designed to stretch musical boundaries. Embark on a mind-bending journey with these weird, yet fascinating instruments.

Freakshow Industries:Backmask

Expect weirdness from all Freakshow Industries plugins, especially 'Backmask'. Pay what you want and prepare to be surprised. Download

Ruina:Stereo Multi-distortion

Seven distortion types under one roof. Versatile distortion streams from gentle color to severe obliteration. Download

CRMBL:Advanced Delay Tool

Delay with a twist. Pitch shifting, reverse delay, and asymmetrical ping pong, among other features. Make every delay unique. Download

Neutone:AI Audio Plugin

Integrate AI into your creative process. Share your deep learning DSP models and interact with AI Researchers. Download

Hysteresis:Glitch Delay

Create musical malfunctions. Versatile effect processor for everything from drums to vocals. Download

Driftmaker:Delay Disintegration Device

A creative delay. Break up sound and reimagine it in a decaying auditory landscape. Download

Chow Matrix:Infinite Delay

Traverse infinity with this unique take on delay. Look beyond the apparent. Download

FogPad:Multichannel Reverb

Create an abyss of forgotten sounds. Twist and transform reflections with fully automatable parameters. Download

There are many more great plugins available on AudioBazooka.
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