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Essential Free Plugins

These essential plugins, renowned for their quality and popularity among top producers, are all you need to create great music. They include a comprehensive range of tools, from real instruments and synths to EQs, compressors, and limiters, and are among the best free plugins available.

Komplete Start:Instruments and Effects

Includes the exceptional Ozone 11 EQ, a superb selection of instruments, and high-quality reverb, essential for crafting professional-grade music. Download

Spitfire Labs:Sample Based Instruments

Renowned for its high-quality instrument samples, including realistic strings and pianos, ideal for adding authentic acoustic tones to your tracks. Download

Vital:Wavetable Synth

A standout free wavetable synthesizer, comparable to Serum, offering extensive sound design possibilities for modern music production. Download

MFreeFxBundle:30+ Effects

A comprehensive collection of audio effects, offering a wide range of plugins from comb filters to phasers and flangers, essential for enhancing and shaping your sound. Download

TDR Kotelnikov:Compressor

An excellent compressor for mastering subtle dynamics, maintaining the integrity of the audio while providing precise control. Download

D16 Frontier Limiter

A superior limiter that ensures your music remains within the desired loudness range, crucial for a polished and professional final product. Download

Chow Tape Model

A top-tier tape emulation software that adds a vintage feel and effectively reduces digital harshness, enhancing the overall sound texture. Download

There are many more great plugins available on AudioBazooka.
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